STANLEY Ventures accelerates growth and collaboration around the globe through our diverse portfolio.

We aim to deliver innovation partnerships across Stanley Black & Decker businesses with a focus on these key areas: Tools & Storage, Fastening Solutions, and Construction & Demolition.

Boxologic +


Boxologic is a robotic box-on-demand solution that uses cutting-edge technology to create the right-size box instantly for e-commerce fulfillment.  Using today’s standard technology, the average shipped e-commerce package contains 40% void space, resulting in, at a minimum, a 60% increase in void filler use, a 15% increase in corrugated fiberboard use, and a 20% increase in transportation costs.  With Boxologic, boxes can be created on demand, in any size, with a minimal footprint and with just one SKU of corrugated fiberboard (CF).

Catena +


Working to intelligently synchronize the flow of information demands of construction projects; allowing informed impactful decisions throughout the construction project and team — improving productivity, risk mitigation, safety, and project profitability.

DeepHow +


DeepHow bridges the skills gap in manufacturing, service, and construction through an AI-powered knowledge capturing and learning platform based on smart how-to videos. Its platform, AI Stephanie, streamlines know-how capturing and knowledge transfer with simple, intuitive user interfaces, delivering 1) 10x time-saving for content creation using AI workflow indexing and segmentation;  2) 25% performance improvement using smart how-to videos; 3) Customers’ NPS > 90 demonstrating the ease of use and adoption. 

Dynamic Green Products +

Dynamic Green Products

Dynamic Green Products Inc is a manufacturer of high performance bio-based lubricants and solutions for outdoor power equipment.  DGP products are an environmentally safer alternative to conventional petroleum oils that provide equipment operators with 100% compatibility, reduced carbon footprint and superior anti-wear protection.  DGP products are independently certified, made in the USA and offer a no compromise experience for those that want to Go Green.

Evolv Technology (NASDAQ: EVLV) +

Evolv Technology (NASDAQ: EVLV)

Evolv Technology is the leader in human security dedicated to making the world a safer place to live, work, learn and play by helping to protect innocent people from mass shootings, terrorist attacks and similar violent acts. Evolv’s AI-based, free-flow weapons-detection systems work at the pace of life to accommodate thousands of individuals and groups per hour – screening 50 million people to date in a rapid, undisruptive manner while preventing more than 5,000 weapons from entering a range of public and private facilities. Evolv’s customers include hundreds of top entertainment venues, schools, international airports, stadiums, corporations, hospitals, large-scale events and national landmarks around the globe.

MSUITE (ACQUIRED by Stanley) +


MSUITE is a cloud-based Suite of Management software to connect BIM, Fab, and Field Construction Teams. MSUITE helps you track, manage, and share data throughout the entire life-cycle of a construction project.

Occo +


Occo is a sustainable packaging company that helps people get exact portions of what they need, packaged in more sustainable materials. Focusing on common cooking ingredients first, Occo is reinventing how consumers buy, use, and throw away everyday items.



RAIN is developing voice and conversational AI solutions for the deskless workforce in order to streamline laborious processes and increase productivity. Over the last five years, RAIN has helped dozens of F500 companies build best-in-class voice applications across hospitality, retail, financial services, consumer products and more. RAIN's vision is to create voice-first solutions that make professionals' lives easier, safer and more productive.

Triditive +


Triditive creates a next-generation 3D Printing platform powered by Machine Learning for automated mass production of metal parts.  Triditive’s AMCELL® is the only automated Metal 3D Printing platform with scalable production capacity  ensuring reliability, quality, and increasing throughput to provide the right parts, in the right quantity, to the right place, at the right time, with the right level of quality, at the least total cost for the organization. 

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