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Stanley Ventures is the venture capital arm of
Stanley Black & Decker

Our mission is to deliver cutting-edge innovation to Stanley Black & Decker from the outside. We do this by investing in startups, bringing Stanley Black & Decker resources to the startup community, and maximizing the value of startups by integrating their innovation into Stanley Black & Decker.

Partner with the Stanley Ventures team, and allow us to help you meet your full potential.


Our Portfolio

STANLEY Ventures is in search of
innovation in areas related to:

  • Tools and Storage 
  • Hospital and Healthcare Services 
  • Commercial Security 
  • Pipeline Services 
  • Fastening Solutions 
  • Infrastructure Products 

RedPoint Positioning

The next generation of indoor Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) has arrived, driven by Redpoint’s unique, patent-pending solution that shatters the ultra-wideband (UWB) performance/cost paradigms of yesterday. Redpoint’s high-precision RTLS solution includes all of the key components — from wireless infrastructure hardware to advanced localization engines, system management tools, and application software — to enable a variety of RTLS applications across enterprises.

Prieto Battery

Prieto Battery Inc., a Colorado company, was founded in June 2009 to accelerate the shift of Prieto's innovations from the research laboratory to the commercial marketplace. Since its incorporation, Prieto has made significant strides in achieving its goal to produce a truly disruptive and transformational battery technology through its patented 3D battery architecture. Alongside the technology, Prieto has also patented a unique electroplating manufacturing process for its battery that uses non-toxic materials and will be price competitive.


MetalMaker 3D is developing an alternative solution for metal additive manufacturing. The process integrates 3D printing with investment casting to create functional metal parts with the design freedom of additive manufacturing while maintaining the isotropic mechanical and dimensional properties of a high precision casting. Their small-scale foundry systems provide a viable solution for in-house metal additive manufacturing and can scale from prototyping to small batch production.

Freewire Technologies, Inc.

Electricity usage has evolved. We need updated energy delivery methods to meet new demands and challenges. FreeWire creates a bridge, giving more control over when power is extracted, stored, and delivered. FreeWire Technologies is the leading manufacturer of mobile electric vehicle charging stations and zero-emission, quiet mobile power.

Pillo Inc.

Pillo is the developer of a health advocate robot designed to facilitate healthcare assistance at home. The robot is an electronic device that integrates with voice & facial recognition technology to monitor user's health and dispense medication. Pillo can also send alerts or reminders to family and caregivers when behavioral deviances are noticed. The Pillo robot enables elderly people living alone to find immediate healthcare assistance - whether in everyday life or during medical emergencies.

Sunflower Labs

Sunflower Labs builds consumer products to design insightful home security. Sunflower Labs produces broadband at home, motion sensors, drones, and high definition video cameras that lead a renaissance in home security systems. The products they build identify suspicious activities and do something about it before trouble arrives at the doorstep.

Arix Technologies

Arix is the provider of a corrosion-identifying robot and data analytics product designed to address corrosion in manufacturing plants and refineries. The company's technology integrates robots with advanced data analytics to reinvent the way corrosion is detected and analyzed. They then provide improvements in safety and sustainability, enabling refineries and oil & gas companies to save billion of dollars in repairs and liability.


The complete enterprise drone solution for managing remote sensing, media/broadcasting or logistics operations. DreamHammer DroneOS brings the ability to manage all your drones with the level of safety, reliability and power required for your enterprise.


ConnectMyEV, based in Scilicon Valley, is the world's leading provider of smart and hands free chargers for Electric Vehicles (EVs). ConnectMyEV’s charging system is based on its proprietary conductive hands free charging technology which is 100% efficient and is scalable to high power levels required for DC fast charging. ConnectMyEV, technology can be retrofitted onto an EV or can be deployed as an add-on accessory at the time of EV purchase. Being conductive, it’s capable of orchestrating large power swings to optimally take advantage of real-time energy pricing. This can significantly lower the cost of charging your EV and in some cases even pay the user back to charge.


Veloxint is making high value products enabled by novel metal alloys discovered at MIT’s Materials Science department. The metals have extraordinary properties and allow for faster more efficient processing. The initial focus for the technology is in oil & gas, construction, and industrial applications where the wear and cutting capability can be transformational. Additionally, the significantly increased strength will enable weight savings of ½ or more. The Veloxint process is highly-scalable light manufacturing, allowing the target high value products to be made with minimal capital investment.


Humavox develops a wireless charging technology designed to provide a natural and easy charging experience for users. The company's wireless charging platform, ETERNA, enables wireless charging of the battery within the device, through the transmission of radio frequency over a broad band of frequency waves and the conversion of it into DC energy. It allows any product design of any size to easily integrate wireless charging, enabling users to recharge their electronic devices from nearly any container object where they instinctively drop their devices.


Proactive, preemptive, and predictive maintenance and monitoring for access control and video surveillance systems. Viakoo turns almost any existing physical security setup into a smarter and more reliable system using machine learning and a proprietary rules engine. Recovery quickly from failures before clients notice, get in front of brewing issues before they become problems, and identify performance bottlenecks and ensure compliance. Viakoo helps maintain system integrity for security integrators, MSPs and their customers.


Developer and manufacturer of non-thermal metal 3D printing process, called Electrochemical Additive Manufacturing. This process was created to offer an alternative to the current powder bed fusion technologies. The process is based on electroplating and eliminates the need for metal powders, vacuum chambers, and lasers, enabling customers to get improved part density, grain structure, and surface finish at a reduced total cost of ownership.

GTP Services

GTP Services is a leading innovator in the construction industry by providing cutting-edge software and services. GTP helps facilitate and bridge the gap within the construction workflow to help leveraging BIM efforts. Their suite of tools will help raise project bids, and provide the ability to track the status of all items through the lifecycle of a project and communicate to the field directly though the model. GTP Services helps connect business with technology that will elevate projects to the next level of overall construction workflows.

Evolve Additive Solutions

Evolve Additive has developed Selective Thermoplastic Electrophotographic Process (STEP), the first additive manufacturing technology to offer a viable alternative to injection molding and other traditional manufacturing processes. An R&D project launched in 2009 by industry leader and pioneer Stratasys, Evolve has spun out as its own company and technology leader.

Evolve has combined an existing time-tested 2D printing technology with its own proprietary STEP platform that truly evolves additive manufacturing far beyond existing technologies for plastic production. Whether its material, speed, quality, flexibility or cost, Evolve delivers it all - in one single platform.

Foresite Healthcare

Provider of a healthcare platform intended to provide information about the early detection of strokes and fall prevention. The company's platform provides patient-care and eldercare consisting of the actual sensors and makes use of a variety of inputs including depth-sensor technology, under mattress pads, and motion detectors to continually capture a range of information, such as respiratory rate, bed restlessness, gait, motion and activity. Their solution enables care teams to gain the information they need to increase the quality of care and safety while decreasing the cost.


3D printed ceramics on demand, from start to finish. Kwambio is an additive manufacturing company and a developer of unique products with implementations in a variety of fields such as; spare part and product design, aerospace and heavy industries. They make business partnerships as well as collaborate with designers and engineers all over the world. Kwambio's concept is to provide guidance and help to create 3D models, finalize designs, manufacture prototypes and quality control every piece they make on-demand. At the moment, Kwambio’s 3D printed products are made of two materials they invented in their own laboratory: a clay-based porcelain and a glass-based additive. Both materials are ideal for a multitude of applications and are perfect for prototypes, final products, molds for metal and slip casting.


3D Printing made simple. AstroPrint is a cloud platform, application marketplace, and hardware solution designed for consumer 3D printing. They develop software to enable the management of desktop 3D printers from any web enabled device, without requiring any technical expertise. AstroPrint unifies the fragmented consumer 3D Printing space.

CALT Dynamics

Creators of a new generation of 3D printers that operate using a patented process called Physical Mask Curing. This process, PMC for short, enables the building of 3D printers that are high resolution, have a lower investment cost, and are completely scalable. The goal is to build printers from smaller printers that are mobile and field ready with no computer or internet required, all the way up to industrial devices with much arger build volumes than ever before.

Fort Robotics

For industrial, mobile, and robotic machinery.

Fort Robotics makes medium to long-range wireless remote controls designed from the ground up to enable the safe operation of remote and automated systems. They offer rugged, ergonomic, and easy to understand controllers as well as flexible receivers and access points. Their proprietary SafetySense® technology ensures both consistent and reliable control.


TruU provides a user identification converged security platform that can migrate across digital and physical mediums. The company's platform leverages artificial intelligence, biometrics, and user behavior to power identity based business processes, automated digital and physical asset provisioning, person-to-person trusted and verified transactions and person-to-machine transactions.


Skysense is the maker of BCON1 - the world's smallest, lightest and most energy efficient ADS-B OUT device for drones and small aircraft. Skysense is able to detect drones and pilot location using innovative airspace surveillance solutions that make it safer and more secure for people and property.


PervasID provides unique, passive RFID solutions with unrivalled detection capability and enables sophisticated IoT infrastructures. Passive RFID solutions have historically been hindered by lower detection rates, slow acquisition speed and limited area coverage caused mainly by short readability ranges and null spots. PervasID's award winning technology achieves >99% tag detection in densely populated tag environments, even with moving tags, providing a highly cost effective solution in many sector applications. No other passive RFID solution on the market today can offer such accuracy, speed or cost effectiveness.